We are ZertiForest

ZertiForest Oy is a company founded by forest owners. We are also entrepreneurs in our own right. We want to work in nature, for the good of the environment. We share the concern for the future of our planet, and we believe that, by taking care of the forest, we are doing our part against climate change.

In our opinion, the well-being of forests and the increase of biomass are an important part of sustainable development. We invest heavily in the latest technology and research data so that we can ensure the continuous growth and biomass maintenance of our own and our customers’ forests.

We manage our customers’ forests in the same way as our own: sustainably, carefully and in a high quality manner. This allows us to guarantee stable and continuous growth for the forest. By offering forest management based on Climate Smart Forestry principles to other forest owners as well, we are building the future together.

If you would like for us to take care of your forest and sales, please contact us!

ZertiForest™ service package for forest owners

  • Creating a management plan
  • Clearing work
  • Thinning according to plan
  • Planting service as agreed (density, species)
  • Possible fertilisation when planting
  • Digital forestry plan
  • Digitisation of the forest and the calculation of carbon sink growth
  • Use of the ZertiCarbon platform
  • Option to sequester and sell tonnes of CO2