Carbon offsets

Carbon offsetting means monetary compensation that is used to cancel the effects of greenhouse gas emissions caused by financing activities aimed at reducing emissions elsewhere.

A well-managed forest is one of the most effective carbon sinks.

ZertiForest™is a Finnish producer of carbon offsets that brokers real carbon sinks. real carbon sinks. There are two types of ZertiForest™ carbon sinks: sapling stands and forests planted by ZertiForest™ itself as well as forest areas digitised and committed to emissions trading in cooperation with forest owners. All ZertiForest™ areas allocated for CO2 mitigation activity can be verified via GPS data. Transparency, reliability and accurate data are at the core of our operations.

In addition to existing forests, ZertiForest™ plants new forests on the land it owns to grow into a carbon sink. In 2022, we have afforested 100 hectares by planting more than 84,000 new saplings. In practice, if managed correctly, this means constantly growing biomass that binds carbon dioxide to itself.

Through us, you can take climate action that is an investment in the future from a climate point of view and financially.

Investors, individuals and companies

With the model produced by ZertiForest™ and ZertiCarbon, you can engage in emission rights trading that is transparent, verifiable and measurable. It is essential that both the seller and the buyer receive accurate documentation and tools for tracking emission rights.

When you choose ZertiForest™ for the offsetting of CO2 emissions,you get a Finnish operator as your partner that knows forests. We manage forests in accordance with Climate Smart Forestry principles so that biodiversity is realised in the forest. Trees of different ages and species belong in the Finnish forest.

We use the latest analytics and estimates of the growth assumptions for tree species. We are able to reliably calculate the biomass forecast of different forest areas. We make sure that the annual growth is at least the assumed amount – with good management, the forest will normally exceed these goals.

The additional growth of the forest is converted into emission rights (CO2 token/tonne) on a blockchain platform. The data is unbreakable and cannot be copied. The buyer of emission rights can be confident that the forest exists and has not been copied. With the help of GPS coordinates, the forest can be verified and allocated reliably.

A tokenised tonne of carbon dioxide is also a profitable investment. The price per CO 2 tonne has more than doubled during 2021. This translates to considerable earning potential.